The whitepaper and one-pager details the current views of CROWDSWARM which concerns the proposed cyber security marketplace to disrupt the cyber security industry by bringing crowdsourcing, bug bounty, incentive schemes, collaboration and threat intelligence sharing and other cyber security related services into one unique platform.

The Cyber Landscape
How Crowdswarm Solves the Current Challenges in the Cyber Security Industry

CROWDSWARM solves this by adopting a crowdsourcing model, where customers pay-per-vulnerability or risk-appetite. The truth of the matter, some customers will be willing to pay more for vulnerabilities than others based on the price they put to company reputation and consumer confidence.

CROWDSWARM solves this by enabling the organization to easily adopt a security first culture, by listing new products and services on our platform that need to be tested for vulnerabilities by crowdsourced security experts; in return rewarding the experts.

CROWDSWARM use of crowdsourcing will support organizations looking for expert security assessment from a global talent pool. CROWDSWARM will also partner with educational institutes to empower the young. CROWDSWARM will establish a digital license for security experts; verifying skills, expertise and reputation for organizations to view and select.

Through CROWDSWARM platform every service provider or security researcher will be given a digital identity which would be linked to reputation and performance indices. This would be based on advanced algorithms which will be explained later, providing the contracting organization a high degree of assurance.

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