Launch a Program

Launch a Bug Bounty Program

At Crowdswarm we can provide a completely managed bug bounty program to meet your specific business requirements; whether its financial or cyber-risk appetite. To give an example; the same critical security vulnerability on an Apache server may be of different monetary value to a small organization compared to a major e-commerce organization.

We manage your bespoke bug bounty program which is specifically designed for national, industry / sector and enterprises.

Crowdswarm Managed Bug Bounty Program

Our team will design, manage, and support your bug bounty program from end to end based on your requirements.

Managed Bug Bounty Program

Managed Bug Bounty Program

Program Levels

National Level Program

The national program is aimed at national cyber security agencies that are directly responsible in mandating their respective cyber security framework and ensuring national critical infrastructure are protected. Usually we find these are National Cyber Security Authorities and National CERT / SIRT.

Industry Regulator Level Program

This program is intended for industry sector leaders or regulators who are responsible to ensure the safety and security within their respective industry sectors. Examples such as Financial Services, Federal and Regional Government, Health, Telecommunication, Power and Utilities etc.

Organization Level Program

This program is aimed for organizations themselves who want to be proactive in securing their digital assets by adopting a crowdsourcing model that is not only cost-effective but highly effective through a trusted platform. Organizations can launch their very own bug bounty that aligned with their financial and cyber-risk appetite.