Crowdsourced Cyber Security Marketplace

CROWDSWARM is a multi-purpose platform providing a cyber security marketplace, catering for any organization or business no matter what the size. The CROWDSWARM platform connects the entire cyber-security eco-system of businesses, service and solution providers, vendors, the crowdsourcing talent pool of security experts, community advisors and educational institutes.

The Platform
The CROWDSWARM platform will support multiple modules and are highlighted below

Bug Bounty

Rewarding Security Experts based on a Pay-Per-Vulnerability Model.

Bug Bounty module in CROWDSWARM platform will allow organizations and businesses that want to launch new products or services to be tested for vulnerabilities prior to releasing it into production on the internet.

Crowdsourced Bug Bounty Programs

Researcher Incentive

Rewarding Security Researchers based on a PPV Model.

CROWDSWARM researcher incentive module of the platform brings the security researcher community closer to the businesses and industry leaders by rewarding them of the great work and innovation they strive towards.


Crowdsourced Threat Intelligence

Rewarding Threat Intelligence Researchers and Analysts.

CROWDSWARM Threat Intelligence module provides multiple features and aims to solve many of the current challenges that exist within the current field of human-driven threat intelligence.


Crowdsourced Cyber Security Assessment

Crowdsourced and Trusted Cyber Security Experts.

CROWDSWARM Cyber Security Assessment module brings organizations and business closer to the crowdsourcing model where the global talent pool works together to deliver the services in a cost-effective and superior manner on an on-demand basis.


Crowdsourced Incident Response

Crowdsourced Digital Forensics and Incident Responders.

CROWDSWARM Incident Response (IR) module delivers crowdsourcing capabilities of incident response by onboarding pool of incident responders across different levels that have the right capabilities and triage skill-set to identify the root cause of the incident by working through the CROWDSWARM IR module eco-system.


Data Breach Notification

Sharing Breach Information across Onboard Organizations / Agencies.

The Breach Notification platform will be a free of charge service, we at CROWDSWARM believe in supporting organization in the time of need and promote transparency. It is important to remember that no organization is immune to a data breach.


Threat Detection Marketplace – Security Operations Center (SOC)

Collaborating and Sharing Threat Detection Use Cases.

The CROWDSWARM platform for CSOC Threat Detection Marketplace will provide enrichment services to MSSP SOC that wish to subscribe. A range of services are expected to be provided to MSSP SOC providers and organizations that run their own SOC from the CROWDSWARM platform.


Cyber Security Education & HACKERCON

Supporting the Community by Establishing Education Partnership.

Security Education module of the CROWDSWARM platform aims to establish relationships with well-known security educational institutes, non-for-profit certification organizations, online security e-learning management systems and the workforce to start building their digital reputation. CROWDSWARM HACKERCON module will aim to establish partnerships with conferences across the globe providing multiple channels of benefits.