An all-inclusive platform – the only Crowdsourced Bug Bounty, Penetration Testing, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, Incident Response, Breach Notification and Cyber-Whistleblowing platform.

CROWDSWARM platform is the brainchild of a collective set of experts in their respective cyber security domains to solve the common goal of cyber security in an all-inclusive environment.

CROWDSWARM’s sole mission is to tackle cyber security challenges with the adoption of advanced transformational technologies and build a platform to overcome these issues with the ultimate aim of a cyber-safe global environment.

The CROWDSWARM platform is a game-changer in the fragmented cyber security industry, security vendors play a dominant role in selling technology solutions and cyber security service providers selling services with an inconsistent pricing and financial model.

Crowdsourcing Security Experts

Crowdsourcing will onboard talented security experts through crowdsourcing. Being a cyber security company we know how to find white-hat talent.

Researcher Incentive

Security researchers don’t get enough credit for what they do, so their work will be incentivized based on responsible disclosure and contribution to the community through a volunteering scheme targeting organizations.

Threat Intelligence Sharing

The fragmented cyber security industry lacks collaboration. The cross-industry and national CERT integration will allow anonymized whistleblowing and other similar services for cyber threat sharing.

Digital Reputation

Security researchers and service providers don’t have a digital reputational footprint except accolades, awards and certifications. This will change the way we do business by introducing a digital reputation score per security expert and service provider.

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