The Challenges

Despite the hyper-growth in cyber security the industry is facing many challenges – these challenges are the cornerstone on the reasons why CROWDSWARM has been developed.

How Crowdswarm
solves the current challenges in the Cyber Security industry?

CROWDSWARM’s sole mission is to tackle these challenges with the adoption of advanced transformational technologies and build a platform to overcome these issues with the ultimate aim of a cyber-safe global environment.

CROWDSWARM is a multi-purpose platform providing a cyber security marketplace, catering for any organization or business no matter what the size.

The number of cyber security incidents and breaches are increasing at a tremendous pace, the number of organizations that get breached and make the headlines in the media, are the ones which are multi-national firms where the impact is highly visible.

More often than not, smaller businesses and firms in fact have a bigger challenge, they get breached on a regular basis, perceived to have lack of investment in implementing cyber security controls and typically do not possess the fundamental hygiene practices and skills within cyber security.

SME’s perceive themselves as ‘too small’ to matter and be at risk from a cyber-attack. But this complacency is misplaced, it is worth noting the figures of data breaches do not take into account the attacks and breaches that go unidentified.

SME’s are just as much of a target compared to large organizations!

The CROWDSWARM platform connects the entire cyber-security eco-system of businesses, service and solution providers, vendors, crowdsourcing talent pool of security experts, community advisors and educational institutes.