The Current Fragmented Cyber Security Industry

Millions are spent to protect information yet many organizations still fail in their quest of protect data.

  • No nation, industry or organization is immune to cyber-attacks
  • History teaches us – “its not a matter of if but a matter of when
  • More than 1000+ cyber security vendors
  • Fragmented cyber security industry – lack of collaboration and integration
  • 45% of organizations cannot fill the cybersecurity skills shortage
  • Blackhat hackers are motivated by financial rewards and lured into the dark web
  • Lack of industry regulated cyber security services
  • Lack of digital reputational identity of cyber security professionals
  • Sophistication in cyber-attacks means traditional security controls are no longer sufficient
Data Breaches
Major Data Breaches

Timeline of Major Data Breaches

Cost of a Data Breach

Data breaches are increasing at a phenomenal rate. Data protection regulation such as GDPR and HIPAA are driving organizations to take action. Some interesting statistics from the PONEMON Institute Y2018 on the state of affairs in cyber security industry.



Stolen from SMEs in US and Europe



Average total cost of a cyber breach globally



Suffer from major data loss that shut
down in 24 months

Cost of a Breach

The True Cost of a Data Breach

Cyber Security Market Size

Rising cyber related incidents and data breaches escalating the growth in the cyber security industry. 11% annual growth expected in the cyber security industry from 2017.


Billion in Y2021

Cyber security market size globally



Cost of cybercrime in Y2015



Cost of cybercrime in Y2021

How Crowdswarm
solves the current challenges in the Cyber Security industry?

CROWDSWARM’s sole mission is to tackle these challenges with the adoption of advanced transformational technologies and build a platform to overcome these issues with the ultimate aim of a cyber-safe global environment.

CROWDSWARM is a multi-purpose platform providing a cyber security marketplace, catering for any organization or business no matter what the size.

The CROWDSWARM platform connects the entire cyber-security eco-system of businesses, service and solution providers, vendors, crowdsourcing talent pool of security experts, community advisors and educational institutes.